Coelacanths Masters Swimming Club

Where the water becomes your playground and every stroke propels you towards a happier, healthier you...                

This is where swimmers of all ages join together, to enjoy swimming.

Whether it be purely social, swimming and meeting folk, or challenging yourself, can I do a better time today? or aiming high for national records, you are in the right place; you have found your swim home. As we say, what you do, is up to you.

So, how does it work?

Age groups in masters swimming are grouped in increments of 5 years. Eg 60 to 64, 65 to 69 etc. and any age from 18 to 80(and older!) Your competition and gala results are against those of your age.

Where do we swim?

The club hosts and visits various pools for galas, plus open water swims in dams, rivers and the sea. Every year, in different provinces, all SA masters swimmers meet for Masters Swimming Nationals. We also can travel overseas, competing in World Masters champs, if we so wish.

Coaching, training?

It is a case here again, of, what you do, is up to you! Coaches experienced in master swimming are available for coaching and training programs, either online sessions, to work independently, or to join a squad. If you are happy training alone, that is good, too!!

Will I have fun?

That is guaranteed, cos we all love swimming, so we are like minds!! And, remember, most important, what you do is up to you. There is only one rule in master swimming... ENJOY!!

South African Masters Swimming , or SAMS, is an organisation that runs the annual South African Masters Swimming championships plus representing Masters Swimming Clubs, in their dealings with Swimming South Africa and World Aquatics.

SAMS was founded in 1985  to promote participation and competition among masters swimmers in both pool and open water. There are, at present, 24 masters swimming clubs throughout South Africa..all affiliated to the regional body in their various regions of South Africa.

Masters swimming refers to swimming for the over 18's and includes casual fitness swimming, as well as highly organised competitive swimming. SA masters swimmers currently hold 21 world records.